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10m Arch roof Trailer stage


Guide price £2000 including installation, handrails, 2 x steps

This is our largest trailer stage for hire! 10m x 6m Trailer stage (which can be extended to 8.4m at the front). This Alspaw trailer stage needs no balast at wind speeds of up to 80kmph. This fantastic trailer stage has a 60m2 performance area (performance dimensions 0f 10m x 6m)  The stage floor height of 1.5m making it an intimidation stage and perfect for larger audiences of unto 5000 people. Stage is available with solid black sheets, or scrim sheets.

This profiled trailer stage can be installed in a little over an hour by two people, and has the added advantage of being available with PA hanging towers and green room/technical areas on either side if required. If needed for more than one day then the day rate is reduced for day 2 onwards.

Height Apex height: 6.1m
Stage height: 1.5m
Rigging time: 60 min
Stage width: 10m
Stage depth: 6m
Maximum loading: 1600kg
Flying towers loading: 500kg

Useful information
Day 2 is charged at 50% or day one, Day 3 is charged at 30% of Day 1

PA flying towers £500 (for total installation period)
Technical areas (2m x 6m on either side) £1000 (for total installation period)

10m x 8m Arc roof Prolite stage

outdoor stage hire london

Guide price £4500 including installation, stage floor, steps, handrails and delivery within 150 miles

This is a fantastic arc profiled stage for larger and longer events. As standard this is a 10m x 8m stage (80 square meters) and can be extended to the front if required. It is a heavy weight structure made from Prolyte HV30 and there is an impressive loading available (over 3t). On grass this 10m x 8m festival stage structure is anchored into the ground with Spirafix ground anchors, if operating on hard standing then balast may be required. As standard the stage will come with Litedeck stage floor set at 1.2m, 2 sets of stairs and handrails all around the stage.

This structure is great for a longer event or festival, as it is usually charged out on a weekend rate. It is possible to have it for a day… but it may be better value to have out 10m trailer stage as detailed on this website.

This stage can be provided as stage only or as part of a package with PA and lighting as required. Please give us a call to discuss exact requirements.

Height Apex height: 6.5m
Stage height: 1.2m
Rigging time: 5 hours
Stage width: 10m
Stage depth: 8m
Maximum loading: 3600kg

Trailer Stage hire

Trailer Stage Hire

festival stage hire birmingham

Our brand new 2017 model 8m x 6m arc roof stage. This brand new mobile trailer stage comes with (if required) PA wings and is the top of the range trailer stage model which is equipped with electric motors to raise and lower the roof!. The end result is that this impressive festival stage can be installed by one person in 30-45 minutes. We cant wait to get our hands on this beauty and put it to work on the festival circuit in 2017. The quick set up time makes it ideal for a multitude of uses including festival, corporate, product launch and of course the XMAS lights!

The stage has a modern profiled look, and the stage floor can be set between 1m and 1.3m high. The floor capacity is 500kg/m2 which means that it meets the same specification as litedeck. As you would expect the stage comes with all the necessary paperwork and reisk assesments. The roof has a loading capacity of 1.6t (evenly spread) and a further 1.5t can be hung from the PA wings. So this is perfect for line array speakers!. The stage is 8m x 6m (48 metre squared) and comes with two sets of steps. The stage is designed to rigerous safety standards and can be used in wind speed upto 70km/h


Indoor Stages

indoor stage hire

Please Contact Us for more information on our Indoor Stages

Milos Stage 6m x 4m

outdoor stage hire

Please Contact Us for more information on our Milos Stage

Stage Truck

mobile stage hire

XS EVENTS are proud to offer our purpose built mobile stage. This strong durable stage has been professionally built on the back of a modern 20 foot 7 1/2 tonne lorry. The stage has two access doors from the floor, both have hand rails and wide enough to allow wheel chair access. The stage can be set up in (and dismantled) in 25 minutes due to its intuitive design. The stage area is approx 25m squared.

The stage has a classy looking red and silver surround and a full awning (Red and silver) can be put up if required. With the awning on the whole stage is protected on both the roof front and sides. Approximately 80% of the stage is still covered by the roof which swings up which will protect equipment from the weather. XS Events are ideally located to provide mobile stage hire to Birmingham, Staffordshire and Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Nottinghamshire. The stage is equipped with plenty of power sockets, a 6K sound system, Should you require power then we can supply it with a generator also. This stage is perfect for Christmas light switch ons, as it is quick to assemble, well illuminated, and available at a good price. One of the best things about this truck stage hire is that the stage can be erected and dismantled very quickly. This means that the event organiser can relax and not have to arrive unnecessarily early or stay late! We have stage hire and truck stage hire, and mobile stage hire ready togo, so give us a ring to get a quote for truck stage hire in Derby, Stafford, Stoke, Nottingham, Leicester etc.

6 x 6m stage hire

XS EVENTS are proud to supply a 2018 6 x 6m stage with profiled arch roof. It has all rele-vant load calculations. Is available with PA flying brackets, steps, handrails etc.

This stage is ideal for Live Music Events & Festivals School,& Parties Hotels & Conferences Fashion Shows Youth Clubs, Sports Halls & Pubs as well as Brand activations etc.

The Performance area is approx 6m x 6m and the roof protrudes over the front of the stage which gives protection in the event of rain!

Pedestrian Barriers

mobile stage hire

Please Contact Us for more information on the hire of our pedestrian barriers.

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