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Batak Pro Hire (Reaction Game) or Batak Wall Hire

reaction game hire
Our reaction time game Batak pro hire

This batak reaction game hire option is always popular at events. Over the last few years batak wall hire has become a team building and exhibition favourite. The aim of the Batak game is to turn off lights as quickly as you can once they illuminte on the batak wall.  This reaction game great for corporate events and it is great to encourage people onto your exhibition stand.  Within a few seconds people soon loose their inhibitions and want to set a new personal best score!  The Batak wall is great fun apparently Jenson Button has the world record, but its a lot of fun just to see if you can better your friends score!  As with all our products discounts may be available if booked with other products.

Ideally located in the midlands we can quickly dispatch a Batak wall (Batak pro) to your event or team building event or exhibition to Birmingham, Manchester, Leicester, Nottingham, London, Derby etc.  Our aim is to provide cheap batak hire (good value!) and so we will try to beat any like for like quote .

Hire a batak wall for your exhibition or conference, we have regularly taken batak wall and batak pro to the NEC the Gmex centre, the Excel conference centre in London.  Hire a batak wall to your exhibition stand to ensure that you entice people and stand out from the crowd. Batak is quick to install, quick to remove and alot of fun!

Giant Scalextric, Huge scalextric hire for your corpoarate event or team building day

This is the country’s best figure of eight Scalextric track by a long way. This giant scalextric has eight lanes of pure racing excitment. Each player will take the challenge of racing on this giant scalextric. The track is computer controlled, keeping records of lap times, race winners and championship points. The scalextric is suitable for party events, corporate team building, promotional events and any other event that you can think of! The price includes an operator who will organise races and commentate throughout. Giant scalextric hire from XS Events will definately bring a smile to the faces of the participants. The Giant scalextric can be used in a number of ways, either as head to head or racing or in championship mode.  XS Events will provide the best quality staff and the best quality scalextric cars to ensure that the equipment keeps running and your guests have a good time 🙂

The track is computer controlled, keeping records of lap times,and race winners. The scalextric is suitable for party events, corporate team building, promotional events birthday parties etc and will appeal to all kids (young or old!) Giant scalextric hire is available in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Derby, Nottingham etc!

giant scalextric hire

Simulators for hire from XS Events, full motion simulators, racing simulators, virtual reality simulators.

XS Events have a wide range of simulators for hire. We have recently updated what we can offer with brand new 2017/ 2018 models. Over recent years technology has raced ahead, so why not book one of our racing simulators uk for your event. A motion simulator or virtual reality experience will ensure your corporate event or team building experience has the edge. There are full motion simulators offering full pitch and roll experience, virtual reality simulators and linked simulators.

If you really want to make the event go with a bang ask about our virtual reality racing car hire, and when used in conjunction with the motion simulator this will give a truly breathtaking experience for your guests!

Our linked simulators are the newest and best quality gameracer simulators for hire. These allow up to four people to have there own head to head race. New for 2018 are our virtual reality simulators and full motion simulators. Please scroll down the page to see our range of racing simulators you would like to hire from XS Events.

virtual reality hire

XS events is proud to offer this amazing full motion simulator (full pitch and roll simulation)  Our motion platforms are powered by twin motors, these motors combined with gearboxes are capable of high torque at high speeds.  It is designed to be a plug and play simulator with minimal set up time (20mins)  Unlike many PC based simulators this motion simulator doesnt need constant technical adjustments and offers an unbeatable full motion experience at an affordable price!  Ask us about VR!

Totally Wiped out: Outdoor team building event
An inflatable wipeout team building event based on the TV show

This is a new amazing and fun outdoor team building event.  It’s fast, inflatable, exhilarating and bouncy.  At some point in time, you must have thought “I would love to bounce on those big balls”, well now is your chance – we have all the iconic challenges to Wipe You Out.  If you’re looking for the ultimate way to motivate your staff or have fun with friends and want an event thats unique, exhilerating and massively fun… Our Wipeout Team Event is it!  It is fast, inflatable and exhilerating just like the famous TV show!  We are likening this to a new age, modern, its a knockout event to take us through 2017 and beyond.  Get your team ready to be Totally Wiped Out.

total wipeout hire
Zone 1 - Big Orange Balls

Zone 1 - Big Orange Balls

This is a team relay, where each team member must navigate the giant balls, once they have completed the course, they tag a team mate and the process is repeated. If a team member is not happy proceeding then team members can run twice. Watch their faces as they suffer a total wipeout!

Zone 2 - Assault Course

Zone 2 - Assault Course

Head to head relay race, where each team member must navigate the assault course. The total time of the team completing the course will be recorded. You’ll be totally wipedout!

Zone 3 - Boxing Wall

Zone 3 - Boxing Wall

This is a wild and funny head to head challenge, we split the teams in to smaller groups and pitch the groups head to head with the opponents. 1 team tries to navigate the wall, the other team tries to destroy them. This is a timed challenge. A great segment of the team building event

Zone 4 - Stepping Stones

Zone 4 - Stepping Stones

Head to head gameThis is a fierce head to head challenge, 1 team has to cross the stepping stones, the other team must use catapults and wet sponges to stop them. (this is the only wet challenge and the water is optional)

Zone 5 - Wrecking Ball

Zone 5 - Wrecking Ball

This is based on the last person standing. Using the giant pendulum, teams must launch it at each other with the hope of knocking the other team from their perch

Zone 6 - The Arena

Zone 6 - The Arena

This versatile Arena offers a number of challenges, however we suggest a team game of Volley ball. The objective of the games is for teams to send the ball over the net so that opposing team cannot return the ball or can prevent it from hitting the ground in their court.

Giant water slide hire

Check out our amazing giant water slide for hire!  XS Events have been hiring out giant slipnslides for a number of years.  We can hire a slide to your corporate, charity or commercial event that is anything from 40m to 200m in length.  Over the course of a day we can “slide” approximatley 1000 people down the slide and this can raise a lot of money for your charity.  We provide Risk assessments, Insurance Method statements and expertise.  You supply the hill!!

XS Events have teamed up with organisers to offer a giant water slide hire option for event organisers going in to 2015.  This offers a low cost opportunity for all local communities (with a big hill) to offer a charity or commercial water slide at a fraction of the cost and effort involved in building your own!  Get in touch with XS Events on 07980313252 to organise a slip and slide (slipnslide) giant water slide for your event.  Although its usually a 100m slide it can also be provided in 66m format which promises to be nearly as much fun!

Virtual reality events

Virtual reality (VR) is the buzz word at the moment! XS Events have invested heavily in the best virtual reality equipment to hire to your event. We are running the latest Oculus rift technology on the latest and most powerful gaming PC’s. Virtual reality (VR) can be integrated into your corporate event, or team building event. XS Events have a rapidly expanding number of VR experiences to wow your guests. Using the best quality immersive Oculus headsets your sure to love this experience.

Virtual reality experiences are developing quickly and we are continuously expanding our available products. Current classics include

Snowball fight

Virtual climbing

Roller coaster

Shooting simulators

Football games

Escape rooms


VR Driving simulator

Racing simulators are one of our most popular experiences and when combined with VR the effect is next level! Our professional staff will make sure you feel comfortable with the new environment and get the most out of the event. Enjoy an experience like never before with our Virtual Reality driving simulator.

360 VR Motion simulator hire

Full 360 degree viewing to maintain full immersion within your game.

Room scale VR

We can use one of your private rooms for a superior immersive experience.

Multiplayer VR

perfect for team building, parties or trades shows try out our multiplayer VR sessions. The crowd will quickly grow as they watch on the spectator screen

Giant Scalextric For Hire

If you’re after an experience not listed here, please ask as we may already have it! It’s difficult to describe how much fun having a virtual snowball fight is or how walking along a cliff edge can make you feel like you may fall (don’t worry we will catch you!), so the best thing to do is hire the virtual reality experience and see for yourselves. Glasses compatible: If you wear glasses you won’t miss out, all our headsets are fully adjustable for spectacles.