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Giant Water Slide 200m

Check out our amazing giant water slide for hire!  XS Events have been hiring out giant slipnslides for a number of years.  We can hire a slide to your corporate, charity or commercial event that is anything from 40m to 200m in length.  Over the course of a day we can “slide” approximatley 1000 people down the slide and this can raise a lot of money for your charity.  We provide Risk assessments, Insurance Method statements and expertise.  You supply the hill!!

XS Events have teamed up with organisers to offer a giant water slide hire option for event organisers going in to 2015.  This offers a low cost opportunity for all local communities (with a big hill) to offer a charity or commercial water slide at a fraction of the cost and effort involved in building your own!  Get in touch with XS Events on 07980313252 to organise a slip and slide (slipnslide) giant water slide for your event.  Although its usually a 100m slide it can also be provided in 66m format which promises to be nearly as much fun!