Totally Wiped out: Outdoor team building event

An inflatable wipeout team building event based on the TV show

This is a new amazing and fun outdoor team building event.  It's fast, inflatable, exhilarating and bouncy.  At some point in time, you must have thought "I would love to bounce on those big balls", well now is your chance - we have all the iconic challenges to Wipe You Out.  If you're looking for the ultimate way to motivate your staff or have fun with friends and want an event thats unique, exhilerating and massively fun... Our Wipeout Team Event is it!  It is fast, inflatable and exhilerating just like the famous TV show!  We are likening this to a new age, modern, its a knockout event to take us through 2017 and beyond.  Get your team ready to be Totally Wiped Out.


Zone 1 - Big Orange Balls

This is a team relay, where each team member must navigate the giant balls, once they have completed the course, they tag a team mate and the process is repeated. If a team member is not happy proceeding then team members can run twice.  Watch their faces as they suffer a total wipeout!

Total wipe out             total wiped out team building event


Zone 2 - Assault Course

Head to head relay race, where each team member must navigate the assault course. The total time of the team completing the course will be recorded.  You'll be totally wipedout!


Zone 3 - Boxing Wall

This is a wild and funny head to head challenge, we split the teams in to smaller groups and pitch the groups head to head with the opponents. 1 team tries to navigate the wall, the other team tries to destroy them. This is a timed challenge.  A great segment of the team building event

its a knockout               team building event

Zone 4 - Stepping Stones

Head to head gameThis is a fierce head to head challenge, 1 team has to cross the stepping stones, the other team must use catapults and wet sponges to stop them. (this is the only wet challenge and the water is optional)


Zone 5 - Wrecking Ball

This is based on the last person standing. Using the giant pendulum, teams must launch it at each other with the hope of knocking the other team from their perch

total wipe out team building              The arena totally wiped out


Zone 6 - The Arena

This versatile Arena offers a number of challenges, however we suggest a team game of Volley ball. The objective of the games is for teams to send the ball over the net so that opposing team cannot return the ball or can prevent it from hitting the ground in their court.

Pricing structure total wipe out