Corporate hire of radio control cars with a simulator type interface!. Similar to using a simulator, but you actually control a real radio control car. It's the perfect system if you want a racing themed party. We can race many different radio control cars, Ferrari's and rc VW racing bugs are only two examples! The concept is that 5 competitors sit at a bespoke driving station (this can be scaled up to ten depending on the budget and space available). The driving station consists of state of the art controls and a rally seat. The rc cars are then raced. The essential difference with a simulator is that you are using simulator type controls to drive a radio control car.

As the cars race who is fastest will quickly become apparent. If required a timing system can be provided with the track. The timing system will automatically register the lap times, and race position of the driver to see who races the fastest radio control car. This gives even greater excitement and a competitive yet fun experience. The Megadriver experience is bought to your event and can be set up anywhere. Lap times are then displayed on to plasma screens…. (If your using the timing system)

I hope your good!!! Book us for your racing party, its an excellent race circuit hire, and more fun than any simulator, so if you have the racingbug then give us a ring!

Space requirements 6m x 6m the more space the better the track.


If you would like to buy a "Megadriver"system Then please ring us on 07980313252. This is a seriously good corporate activity hire, and a great addition for any events company. The "Megadriver" system is built in house by us and would be a great money maker for a theme park, or caravan park to operate on a pay per play basis