Radio control car parties

 George on  Thu Nov 27 2014 in Radio control events

Call XS Events to book a unique radio control car party for a corporate event or kids birthday party.  These radio control cars are far from ordinary!  Physically quite small 1:27 scall they are approx 15-20 cm long,  but in terms of technology these are massive!  The cars work on 2.4ghz, a simlar technology to that used in the bluetooth of your mobile phone.  What this means is that whatever the environment then there will be no signal loss!  
Therefore the cars run straight and never loose control!  XS Events will provide upto ten of these radio control cars for your party, and a high tech timing system to ensure that the event is competative as well as fun!  The cars are surprisingly quick, and surprisingly accurate!  The speed and speed of reaction can be adjusted as required to make the carts more drivable.  These cars when used to the top of their limits are used in worldwide competitions.  However not all people can control them at that speed!
The event is run that the first set of ten users has ago whilst the other set cheer on their contemporaies!  the high tech timing system will provide us with a quantified winner!
Get in touch with XS Events to book this radio control car party!